William D. Richards

Where to buy!

Now Available Through Patreon!

This is for all platforms! Buying from here benefits me most, as Patreon takes a very small royalty compared to the other vendors.

This does require side-loading the ebook into your favorite reading device. Connect your ebook reading device to your computer via USB and drop the file into your reader's Documents folder.

For Apple devices: simply drag the ebook into the Books app. It will automatically propagate it to all your Apple devices.

For Kindle: You have to use Amazon's "Send it to Kindle" app or email it to your Kindle's specific email address. Amazon will convert the file to the appropriate format for your model of Kindle.


Kobo sells their ebook readers and ebooks through many independent bookstores. So please support your local, independent bookseller and buy your ebooks through them if you can!

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