William D. Richards

Work in Progress…

Below are a set of progress bars showing the current status of the various story ideas I have and I'm working on. The metric I'm using is the number of words written vs. the number of words I expect the completed manuscript to contain.

The titles listed below are mainly tentative. I'll often apply a title to a story as a placeholder until I can work out something more appropriate. There are also a few titles that are not listed here because I'm developing them under a pen name. Due to their experimental nature, I'd rather not dilute my 'brand' in stories.

The order roughly reflects how active I am writing in one or the other. This changes from time to time, depending on where my interest falls at any given point.



Aggadeh Chronicles Book 2: Dragon
The Science of Magic
Unwanted Hero
Aggadeh Chronicles Book 3: Oracle
Music on the Wind
Light of the Moon
Fall of the Jackal
The Stars Within My Grasp
Aggadeh Chronicles Book 4: Usurper
Aggadeh Chronicles Book 5: Forgotten
Aggadeh Chronicles Book 6: Dragonclaw