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Don't you just hate a tease? I'm trying out a program called Vellum for generating ebooks more easily. It was an opportunity for a test fit Dragon to see how it would look as an ebook.

Dragon status:



Getting Closer

Dragon status:


Dragon is getting close enough that I'm starting to test fit it into an ebook to see how it will look/feel/behave in its final form. I estimate Dragon is still roughly 40,000 words from completion. There are still some side-stories to be squeezed into the narrative. Then, I begin the author's edit—where I begin reading the whole book and marking/changing what needs to be fixed before I pass it to editors. This means at least one more month of work before it gets handed off to editing and proof reading.

I've also begun the cover art process. That will hopefully be done by the time all the editing is completed.

For those of you who have inquired, it looks like a Summer release for Dragon! If sales go well, I'll be able to afford to buy the new computer and thus increase my productivity rate. That means more books, faster.




Jaz, the owner and founder of BitBooks, recently announced he was going to shutter BitBooks. The cost in time and money needed to maintain BitBooks was proving to be a little too much, and sales didn't grow as he had hoped.

I think Jaz did a great job on the site and made a real go of it. A lot of independent authors flocked to his site and offered their ebooks for bitcoins and a few other alternative currencies. He deserves a round of applause for his efforts.

I intend on continuing to offer my books for bitcoins. I already have a test page hidden on my website for accepting bitcoin purchases so I can work out just how to make it work. The biggest issue for me is trying to work out how to get a file to download automatically upon purchase, so I don't have to manually upload/email the file to anyone who buys it. The same goes for mainstream currencies.


Aggadeh Chronicles Book 1: Nobody

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