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Sorry, everyone, but Dragon will be unavoidably delayed for an indeterminate period of time.

After months of struggling, my computer finally succumbed to the damage from its fall and and became a brick. It can't even boot to safe mode before dying. This effectively brings my work to a halt. Not to mention cuts me off from most digital communication.

As I am totally broke, I cannot afford to replace it. So, it is going to delay me considerably.

Of course I'm working on a way around this, but it is going to take time. It sucks being penniless. So please bear with me and hope for the best.

Wait! If my computer died, how was I able to post this? It's amazing what you can do with an iPhone!


Calling All Reviewers! Kobo Ramping Up New Review System!

Kobo Books is revamping their online ebook store and bringing back their far-too-long absent reader review system. Before they press the "Go!" button, they are giving authors an opportunity to preload reviews for when they start it up.

So I'm calling on everyone who has read and enjoyed my book to please say it out loud and post your review on this page. Every little bit helps and I'd like to hit the ground running when they start up the new site.


B-cover for Nobody

A New Cover For Nobody!

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but we all do that anyway. I've been well aware for a while that the cover for Nobody falls short of really conveying to the prospective reader of what's inside the cover. The current cover does reflect a theme in the story presented by the whole series, but not what is going on inside this book. I've always felt that the cover should reflect a scene in the story.

So here is the beta-version of the new cover!

Another problem with the old cover is it was also too low resolution to be used for print. (Hint! Hint!)

The new cover should be online in a few days, as soon as I'm done with the little details on it. Watch for it!


Aggadeh Chronicles Book 2: Dragon Drawing Closer…

Manuscript Status:


The manuscript for Dragon is getting closer to completion. Thirty days behind schedule, but I am still confident it will be on time for the late summer release. I'm also sending out queries to artists about doing the cover art. If you know anyone who's looking to be the next Michael Whelan, I'd like to talk with them. Use the "Contact" button to the left and send me a message. (note: there's no way I could actually afford Michael Whelan's work, which is why I'm looking for new illustrators looking for an opportunity.)


Now You Can buy William D. Richards' Books with Bitcoins!

Aggadeh Chronicles Book 1: Nobody and Richards' other books (as they are released) now available on BitBooks.co for less than .009.


Aggadeh Chronicles Book 1: Nobody is now available on Google Play!

You can get Nobody at this link.

This was a long time in coming! After months of failure, I finally found the link that allowed one to open an account and list a book to sell via Google Play.


Aggadeh Chronicles Book 1: Nobody

Nobody is available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Not sure you're ready to shell out $5? Try reading the first seven chapters free!



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